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What is CrossFit?

Our bread & butter. CrossFit is a strength & conditioning program that is constantly varied(different every session) functional movements(how we move in real life) performed at high intensity(heart rate goes north). We combine weightlifting, some basic gymnastic movements, running, & rowing, all suited and scaled to your level of ability. It gets us increased work capacity over broad time and modal domains, which means we can do more in any amount of time at anything we want to do: "Real Fitness".

At CFKP we train hard, harder than most thought they were ever capable of. By sweating together, we become stronger together, forming an even stronger community that you won't find anywhere else. No room for ego's & bad attitudes, just those who want real results and have decided that the easy way will no longer suffice.

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Olympic Lifting

Need to get better at your lifts? Check out our Olympic Lifting Club. It meets twice a week, and is led by USAW Certified Trainer, Mike Koenig.


CrossFit Endurance Orlando

The endurance class at CFKP is a high energy, fast pace class that is beneficial for everyone, from the most experienced runner to the first time jogger.

Free for all members. Mondays @ 7pm!


Resolve pain, prevent injury, and optimize your athletic performance. Certified CrossFit Movement & Mobility trainer Mike Koening runs our Mobility class.

Free for all members. Thursdays @ 7pm!